The 2000 Book Movement

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The 3 goals of The Movement are as follows:

1. All children will have had read to them or read for themselves, at least 2000 books by the time they reach 6 years of age.  If parents read at least one different short book every day starting from birth, they will easily surpass the goal of 2000 books. Parents can use the library to obtain books. 

2. Infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) will hear 30,000 words per day from  parents, relatives, and caregivers.  You simply talk to them about anything. This recommendation is based on the research of  Hart and Risley (1995; 2006). They (and other researchers as well) found that infants and toddlers who heard the 30,000 words per day had higher IQ scores and standardized test scores than the children who heard far fewer words.  Obviously, when you read to your children, you also talk to your children. It does not appear that watching television has the same effect.

3. Older children who can read for themselves should engage in pleasure reading for at least 30 minutes each day. By pleasure reading, I mean allowing children to read on any topics (with parental supervision) that interest them. Children should be encouraged to read challenging new material.

Please spread the word about the goals of The 2000 Book Movement.


4 Responses to “The 2000 Book Movement”

  1. Christopher Thomson Says:

    This is a fantastic idea. The 2000 book movement needs to get national attention. Perhaps a web page of its own should be created.

  2. vedajairrels Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Because of financial considerations, I wanted to use this blog as the base for The 2000 Book Movement. I don’t plan to start a foundation or accept donations, etc. I envision this as a “grassroots spread the word” type movement. I may, however, have to get a Web page, as you suggest.

  3. Samantha Cardwell Says:

    I’m interested in partnering in upcoming events and helping by using my network of resources to get the word out about this effort.

    Kindest regards,


    • vedajairrels Says:

      Thank you so much. If you’re on Facebook, please join The 2000 Book Movement. I post articles related to education on it. It’s important that parents know that the birth to age three time period is critical in a child’s development. The brain is 85% developed by age 4. The Read Aloud Facebook page also has important information for parents. Thank you again.

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